Any Ideas?


Reef Tank Aficionado

I have this nuisance algae in my tank and Im not quite sure what it you have any ideas? I thought at first it was bryopsis, but its not real feathery.....

Does it spread and grow fast? I think I may have had the same stuff.

The stuff that I had would grow out in "tufts" and then as a tuft got long enough it would fluff off and where ever it would hang up on a rock it would gain a foot old there.

I just assumed that it was a type of hair alge but I never did get an ID on it. All I know is that it is a PITA to get rid of.

Hope it works out for you.

Yea actually it does spread and grow fast.....It does grow into big "hair balls" the hair balls seem to get dislodged and floats around to a new spot...wherever it lands it starts getting a foothold........It also just spreads on nearby rocks like GSP does..........

I really hate this stuff and want to get a hold of it...but either people call it bryopsis, or they dont know.........I dont think its bryopsis as its not feathery.......
I know now its not bryopsis........Some people think its just hair algae but I havent found anything to eat it......