AquaC 120 Wont breakin after cleaning??


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The skimmer was working just fine but I noticed the injector was partialy clogged. So I pulled the skimmer out of the sump to remove the debris.

I cleaned the skimmer and pump (no chemicals) and and re assembled. The skimmer was placed in the same position were it had worked perfectly moments before. Breakin procedures were followed

It's been 5 days and it hasnt produced a single drop of skim. Im baffeled???? I figured removing the debris would aid in foam production. What gives????
I have the same skimmer and I noticed that the air intake often gets a buildup of saltcreep inside it. You might want to check yours. I pull mine off everytime I do a water change and run clean water through it.
She's clear Ivp. Everything is clean.

I called tech support and they are stumped as well. They figured that removing the obstruction would only improve the performance not hinder.