Are Kessil 350w enough for soft corals?


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I have a 90gal tank that has been up and running with fish only for almost 2 years. The tank is 24" deep I have two Kessil 350w lights 9" above the water level. Would this setup provide enough light for soft corals? Assuming it would what would be the suggested settings on the light channels? I currently have them at 100% for both.



His tank set up is very similar to mine, but I saw one red flag.

"This tank is just 3 months old"

No matter how beautiful my tank becomes, I wouldn't go touting it or entering into totm until I know it's sustainable long term.....

I understand, I just wanted show the spread and looks and I guess short term results but those kessils are plenty for soft corals for sure.
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i currently have a 48"x24x"x24" 120g mixed reef, with (4) kessil A150 , not the a350 and that to me is enough. have several lps, softies and an orange monti. ...all doing fine.

i am barely in the re stocking stage but will try to post a decent pic as photography is not my forte and anyone who has ever owned a kessil pendant knows how hard it is to get a good , true color picture


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I currently have a 24 gallon JBJ mixed reef which has been set up for 18 months (13 of which have been with a kessil a 360w and prior to that it had an a350. I started this tank as an experiment to try and get away from halides...and I have learned a ton from this experiment which I will share some of the highlights. I would suggest turning your lights down to 20%-40% of full power to start... especially with soft coral which don't require such high light demands. These lights are very powerful at 100% (though they may not look it) and even more so at only a height of 9inches from the water. On my particular reef tank I have a single A360 Kessil suspended 14inches from the surface with the light turned to about 20% power. I have seen excellent growth and coloration on all my palys (especially my p. grandis), zoanthids , starpolyps. and mushrooms. I fried a toadstool leather because I placed it to close to the surface at four inches with no acclimation it dissintagrated in 3 days so use caution. All my LPS corals are growing well and most of them are maintaining really good color. I had one hammer coral fade to a dull green and purple which had much better intense or vivid color at the store, but it is growing fine has decent color but not quite as nice as the day I brought it home. My frogspawn is one of the best I have seen... I call it the incredible hulk cause it has the richest metallic greens, which is difficult to capture on film. My war coral is holding its own but initially the red dulled out on the original frag, but all new growth has been a nice vivid popping red...SPS corals has been the coral that I have been the most dissatisfied with..I can achieve growth and the corals do seem to thrive in that regard, they just don't retain the colors that I achieve under halides. The popping vivid color that start out with my orange m. caps turn to a dull rust color. I move them over to the halide tank and the colors come back. I havn't been able to get a m. digitata to survive yet under a kessil for more then six months, they do very well under my halides. My stag horns seem to be holding color but they have only been in the tank for 4 months. I have a maroon encrusting monti that is holding color as well as a pink birds nest..both have very high growth rates.....M. setosa has faded to a nice irredecent pink but that color is holding and I like it so I haven't changed anything with has been in the tank for 9 months with good growth... and lastly I have a T. maxima giant clam that seems to be thriving. he is closer to the bottom of this tank has maintained amazing color and growth...
So to answer your question, yes your setup will easily grow soft corals, and a lot more with great success,,, but make sure you take your time in acclimating them.... less seems to more with these lights.
I hope this helps in your setup....and species selection....for me I bleached a few corals before I realized they just couldn't handle these lights at 100% without a slow acclimation.

Oh and digis mine seem to bleach uniformly, prior to dyeing I have had them survive out to 6 months with ok growth, but they fade almost immediately, hang on for a few months before kicking it...I can't figure those out cause they are usually my indicator corals in other tanks of how the tank is thriving. They are usually extremely easy to grow not too picky and grow really fast. I hope to figure it out in the next year.

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Take a look at that guys stocking looks like he walked into the lfs and just bought every single fish that looked cool, *thumbs down*


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you should deffinately be able to keep and grow any type of soft coral and lps you wanted with that lighting!