best skimmer for overstocked 75 gallon


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Atb 840! :) although it isn't exactly the smallest footprint skimmer. If not, id probably try the msx line of skimmers..ive heard good things about those.


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I would recommend the MSX 160 if price and space is limited. It's a little no frills, no fancy name and plain looking workhorse. The larger MSXs will handle more load, but I would say the 160 will handle a very overstocked 75g without breaking a sweat. I don't think many skimmers can out perform it bang for the buck.


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The atb 840, the vertex in 180, vertex in 100

And Well I dont agree with all the skimmers above but for several reasons I have expressed in hte past in the skimmer q&A thread.


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I-tech 100 very very good for less $

Small footprint
12 watt pump, less heat
no noise
no microbubbles
impresive performance
easy to set
fast break-in
great service
less than $500.00
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bubble kings are suppose to be one of the best skimmers but i have recently had several people who have regretted getting rid of their euro-reefs for the bubble kings i think the best skimmer for your tank would be a RS135 i think their about $350 on marine depot