Blue-spot jawfish keepers, please post


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I can't seem to find much information on this specific species of jawfish.... Always seems to be general jawfish info and then a couple of words about blue-spots.

I found posts in the fish disease forum about fish who succumbed to the same thing mine is dying from...would like to hear from folks out there who have been successful with these fish...or anyone who has had one for any length of time at all for that matter.

I just got one and he has been doing fine for the first few days except for his excursion outside on the carpet....

The Marine Fishes book by Scott Michael has them on pg 131. The hardiness value given is 4 (10 being hardiest) and the minumum tank size is 20 gallons.

I know they like meaty foods and can eat shrimp. There isn't very much info on them due to the fact they are not widely availible. Books recommends feeding 3 times a day. Unsure as to why the hardiness level is 4 and gives no real reason...

Physh1- having read your other thread, sounds like they deserve an 11! Must have been a relief!
"Marine Fishes" scores on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest. The rating of '4' for the jawfish just reflects their unique needs, like a deep substrate, well-covered tank, etc.

I wasn't aware of anything that specifically made bluespots less hardy than other jaws, but I'm interested now... :cool:
Wow , I've seen quite a few posts about these Blue-Spotted Jawfish on the boards lately. They must be showing up at alot of the LFS's.... I saw a couple for sale at my LFS 99$$$ on sale!:eek2:
If they are anything like my Yellow-head Jawfish ,look out or your Hundred dollar fish might end up on the carpet.
Very cool looking fish though :smokin: Good Luck with it.
Physh1, I hope yours does a whole lot better than mine...after I posted this thread, I checked the tank and he had died:( I'm not used to having fish die of disease and with no apparent stress that I can find.
I just read an old post by BrianD from 1999 where he said that he thought they may be hard to keep...don't know if that's still his thought on them. I don't plan on trying one again, but if I did, I think it would be as the only fish in a coral tank or something.
The nitrate level in the tank I was holding him in got up about 7-10 , but I thought that was not a problem for fish.
He was breathing hard from the first day, but eating very well...I feel terrible about it...I had "bonded" with him already, partly due to the fact that jawfish make a lot of eye contact . He was such a neat little fish. I feel like if I had treated him as an extra delicate fish, this might not have happened. And he took so many pretty pictures for me.
I am on my second blue spotted jawfish. Here's the thread describing the condition in which the first succumbed
Problem with Blue Spotted Jawfish
I believe he had Amyloodinium.
The one thing I am doing different with this one is direct feeding him via a turkey baster.
They like to stay near sand level and if there is heavy competition for food he may not get enough. They will feed on food that is in the water column with a quick strike and back to their hole. This indeed limits their food intake. I think he knows the food from the baster is his and just hovers instead of striking.
He knows now turkey baster=food. He comes up to meet it, hovers and sucks down the food like a hungry calf.
No, I am not a farmer. Just the closest analogy I could come up with.
FF Express for $79 is a pretty good deal plus they are an excellent company. Great packing job on all my orders.
Mine is still happy and eating.....kinda really worried about him though.....

Sorry to hear about the passing of your jawfish mantisagogo

Basically, the "spots" appeared to have spread out whereas the lower 2 thirds of his body were mostly white flaked.
When I first got him, he had some "uncolored" areas that also began to increase the last couple of days. The last morning, the first areas had turned white, his head skin was sort of rough looking (no scales on the head) And his scaled areas looked almost like he was molting or something - covered with white flakes.
Thanks for the condolences...
Physh - Please keep us updated on how yours does..:) I doubt that it was the problem, but I never fed mine any food with algae in it...maybe he was vitamin deprived - probably not...but I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out.
I was very much leaning towards the amyloodinium, but I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't a fungus of some sort
Oh, BTW to all the folks noticing prices for these fish coming down...I hope it is due to increased availability & increased competition rather than the suppliers noticing a lack of hardiness and want to dump them while they are still sellable:confused:
mantisagogo said:
Oh, BTW to all the folks noticing prices for these fish coming down...I hope it is due to increased availability & increased competition rather than the suppliers noticing a lack of hardiness and want to dump them while they are still sellable:confused:

Yeah, why such an increased availability in the first place?:confused:
Received the jawfish today from Seems to be in good health. It didn't take him long to make his first tunnel today. Will see how he does over the coming days and weeks.
Here's a picture of him, best I could get so far ... he/she is still a bit shy. Notice the sand dandruff from his hard work at creating his tunnel.