Bulb question #2 - DE Reeflux 12K?


New member
Does anyone have any info on the Reeflux 12 DE bulb? I have heard good things about the SE version, and wanted to know if the same will hold true for the DE. How does it compare PAR wise and colorwise to the Phoenix 14k?

I have another thread asking about lifespan of bulbs on HQI ballasts, but I think it might be time to replace them and I wanted something to help with growth and color. The PH14ks seem to be very popular (either due to cost or appearance), but some issues with coral color have surfaced.

What do you guys think?


Don Berry

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I ran the Reeflux 12K DE's for a while. On a HQI ballast they burned white/yellow. These bulbs would give off much better color on an electronic ballast. They definetly aren't as blue as the Phoenix 14K's, but appear much brighter to the eye. I got pretty good color out of my sps, but I don't believe there are any official PAR numbers.