Buy large led heat sink?


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I have a 150 gal 5x2x2 feet tank and currently have 2xt5ho and 1 250w mh. I would like to replace the mh with leds and slowly upgrade. I'm thinking buy a large 4ftx18in heat sink would be best.

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E Rosewater

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I would look at tubular aluminum and pressurized cooling fans that blow air through them. I did a StevesLED build and I like the set up.


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look into the makers LED heatsink. makes building a light super clean and easy. also leaves the option for adding more later. the 4ft heatsink would come with 4 fans, hardware for mounting leds, and a splash guard i believe. google it and you should be able to find something. i know the LED group buy people sell it for $199