Collected live (now dry for years) rock


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I'm in the beginning planning phase of starting up another saltwater tank. Over the past few years I've collected live rock for various places around the world. That said, all of the rock has been sitting in storage for years. I need some advice.

1) Is the coralline algae on these rocks still viable at this point?
2) Should I bleach these to ensure there are no lingering spores or should I look to Cure with just heated saltwater? I was hoping to maintain some of the color on the dry live rock if I could but it's not a requirement.

Thanks for your help



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If you know for a fact that nobody has set a drippy gas or weed killer can on or near, or if it hasn;t been receiving tailpipe emisisons, etc, I'd just set it in a bin with tapwater for a week, pour that off (to remove dust and spiders) and then set up to re-cure it. They may have revived plants from the ice age, but their frozen conditions are likely more life-friendly than your typical garage, where it comes to plants. If any develop, there's a quick cure with hydrogen peroxide and a water soak before restoring it to the mass of rock.


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I keep my "extra" rock in a pile at the back corner of my veggie garden. When I need a piece, I bring it in, give it a quick scrub in the utility sink (NOT the kitchen sink - the boss lady thought poorly of that) and use it.