? Cree XP-E LED System

King Nikon

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Ok so after I found out Ecoxotics are out (they are only 1 watt per led) I'm thinking about 12 Royal Blue Cree XP-E LED's (3 watt each), I priced all the components it's about the same as a T5.

My tank is 30" x 13" x 16" and the front is a hex (picture at bottom)

From what I've been reading on the internet and http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?p=18488741#post18488741 it seems like 12 is enough for just soft corals?

I want to grow only mushrooms so if it's comparable to a 24" single or dual bulb T5 fixture that's enough. It cannot be more PAR than that, preferably something in between is best.

If I mount them at 12" up, I need 80° lenses?

If I mount them at 18" up, I need 60° lenses?

Any input from someone with experience or knows something about LEDs I would much appreciate it.

Again this is 30" x 13" 16" (The 13" is measured at the longest part in the back not the angled front part)