feeding my new clam?


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Well, my wife decided that she was going to surprise me with a clam! I've never owned one before, so I need some advice. It's in my 58 gal oceanic under a 400w MH. My question is this, do I need to feed it or is the lighting good enough? And if so, what should I feed? Thanks for the help.:D

Hi Abraham,
Wow nice wife to buy you a clam, mine is keeping me from getting more clams!
400w of light should be fine in a 58 gallon tank for virtually any clam (is the light a radium 20K??)
What type of clam is it?
How big is it?
This info will help to say if you change something.
You could add phytoplankton to the tank (DT's)

Or you could give me the clam, I'll give it a good home!:cool:
ron4675 said:

You could add phytoplankton to the tank
I would definitely dose some phytoplankton.
It's gotta eat.

And make sure your calcium and alkalinity levels are up.
They are hogs.
It's a crocea. Kind of a burgendy color with very fine neon blue freckles. It's about 3.75-4.00 inches. I've actually got two 400w MH on the tank. I've got it sitting on some LR about half way down, about 10" or so. My bulbs are 10K. My SPS love them!

ron4675 and SeanT<
Any thoughts on it's position in the tank or any tips at all for that matter would be great!

I have a crocea.
I got a large clam shell and placed it on that so it would attach itself to the shell and not the rockwork so I could place it where I wanted and not be limited by the big ol' rock it melded with.
If you leave it on the rockwork it ill bore its way in and be a permanent fixture.

They need good light, good calcium, good flow, good food, and some nitrates to be super happy.
And no predators.
Some shrimp and snails will kill them.
Some fish will pick on them.
Double for what Sean said, sounds like you've got it setup right!
Are you on the michigan email list??
Jason from KZOO (jcopp here) makes his own phytoplankton and sells it VERY reasonable, I have a BIG bottle of it I have been using for the past few months.
lights and phytoplankton

lights and phytoplankton

Definitely feed your tank pytoplankton occasionally, and make sure the clam has adequate light

Am new to keeping clams and I have 7 at this time and I was told from Barry at Clams direct to feed them DT's and koralvit and watch my ca. They are doing great so far.

I want more but I guess I will have to buy a clam tank.