fish list for 215 that are reef safe


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I am plaining for the build of my 215 gallon tank and I have a list of fish that I would like to get for my reef tank . well here is the list of fish . let me know if there are fish on here that I should not get. I have a 37 up and running but with no fish in it would also like to put a couple fish to put in this tank before I get the 215. I will trasfer the fish from my 37 to the 215 when i get it

1. True Percula Clownfish
2. blue / green Reef Chromis
3. Spotted Cardinalfish
4. flame Cardinal
5. Coral Beauty Angelfish
6. Imperator Angelfish
7. Royal Gramma Basslet
8. Naso Tang
9. Yellow Tang
10. Blue Hippo Tang
11. Copperband Butterflyfish


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Vinc- be careful with angles they can be notorious nippers. beautiful fish but could potentially be a pain in the a$$.


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tons of fish are hit or miss, its all a big gamble and how lucky the tank owner feels............ id imagine getting any fish out of a 215 would be a pita, just my two cents though


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I had to rip apart my 280 display to get 2 drawf angels out. They are pickers if you watch them in a reef they are constantly sampling everything, including coral polyps. They did not eat the polyps but the peck was enough to keep my polyp extension to a minimum.


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Imperator Angelfish is a great fish as others have said be carefull. I would also reccomend a Bullet Gobey...

Good Luck...
I had a coral beauty angel, it alway bit little parts of my sps. So I wouldnt reccomend them, so I have to disagree with reefman13


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I agree also on the angels, don't put them in, you will just regret it later on. and when you say spotted cardinals, do you mean the pj cardinals, because they get ugly when they get bigger. I would recommend the bangai's


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I can probably get you a pic of the Bullet.. They may dump sand on some stuff but do keep your sand nice and mine does not cause any problems..


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What are you planning on keeping for corals? From my experience every angel is different in how they behave around corals... whether it be dwarf or large. Would you be willing to not keep some corals in order to keep a fish?