Found food source for Kole Tang


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After trying many things and having my Kole tang turn his nose up at them, I have about given up. He doesn't have a shrunken belly any more, so he must be eating something, right? Well, last night I found out what. I went to change 5G of water and, as part of that ritual, I looked to pull out all the razor caulurpa from my display tank. I can usually find about a handful or two growing around the main tank behind rocks and creeping up the sides. Last night -- nothing. Not a single leaf. The macro in my sump is growing like crazy, too. My only conclusion is that my little tang is adding veggies to his diet. I plan to pull some razor out of the sump tonight and put it in an obvious spot to see if he eats it.

This could be a very good thing. First the Mexican turbos (and possibly increased flow) take care of my cyano problem, and now a tang eats my macro problem. I love natural solutions. Now if I can just find something that thinks larval jellyfish is tasty... :D
you might want to keep trying to tempt it with nori. Eventually, you may run out of problem macro and will want it to have something to eat.

My powder blue still wont eat anything offered but it picks at the rocks and bottom of the tank for algae.
He still won't go after the nori even though the clown and every crab and snail in the tank goes for it. I have found out that he likes Formula II flake food, though. Would a diet of that, some macro-algae, and occasional frozen Formula I (if he eats it) and mysis shrimp be an acceptable diet for him?