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COMAS Rocks!
Got a blue devil damsel (think that's the correct common name but may be mistaken) (2.5-3")
A decent sized horshoe crab (3"-4" nose to tail)
and a Sandsifiting Starfish (3" or so across)

I just need to find a home for these fella's, don't want em myself, had to remove them from somebody elses tank for them so if ya want em, let me know and come get em :D


COMAS Rocks!
PM received Krbekk, let me know what ya think.

Pending on the Damsel for the time being.

Sometime inthe next month or so I will probably also have a fairly large condi anemone I'll need to find a home for as well, so if anyone is interested in that, let me know and we can work something out.


COMAS Rocks!
Damsel has been spoken for.

Pending on Sandsifting starfish and Horseshoecrab.

No reply's yet on interest in large condi though.


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Horseshoe crabs are so cool. anyone know how fast they grow? I've always shied away from them because they get so big.