GEO 818 Calcium Reactor and Geo 417 buffering reactor, carbon doser and Masterflex


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Up for sale is a Geo 818 calcium reactor paired with a Geo 417 buffering reactor. This reactor is in PERFECT condition. I will also include a bag of reborn media and a bunch of ARM fine media for the buffering reactor.

Price for the set.. $400!!

I also have a Carbon doser regulator with a 20 pound Co2 tank. The regulator is in perfect condition and the Co2 tank is 6 months old and 75% full. $200 for the set.

Lastly is a Masterflex 7523-80 digital brushless peristaltic 600 RPM pump that can be adjusted in 1/10th ml/min increments. This is a top of the line Masterflex pump that retails for about $2400 new. It has a high end head which supports LS17 tubing (extra tubing included) that retails for around $350. I will sell the pump with the head for $900. The pump alone sells all day long on eBay for $900 and this pump is perfect. I bought it brand new a couple years ago.

This is the complete combination I used on my calcium reactor and it makes the calcium reactor completely set it and forget and a dream to tune.


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