good ? bad ? ugly ?


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what is this guy? found him under a shell on my sand bed. he is about 2 mm long. very tiny.

has two anteni has a magarita type shell. has a funky pattern on his back. here are pics of him.





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it can completely close up into its shell, unlike a stomatella. they just have fingernails for shells.... right?


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I don't think it's stomatella.

I think I have the same snail as you. I see them on soft corals fairly often. I can't say for sure they are hurting them though. But I've been pulling them out.


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I can't say for sure what it is but it definitely is not a stomatella.

Could be a colonista but you need close-up pictures. Can't really tell by the pics you have.


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those are close up! that water bubble is the size of a dime. sharpen a pencil, then look at the tip. that is how big this thing is.

i dont have a camera good enough to get that close.

froom what you can see. is it safe or no?


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AT first I thought it was a post about ex-wives/husbands, or girlfriends/boyfriends.

But then I realized it was Trottie posting, and he has never had any of them, so I knew somehow that was not it.

I will follow along as best I can, because I have seen one or two. The one I saw was exactly like Matt said, and mine moved along fairly quickly too.