gulf of mexico algae ids?


I get the feeling these did not post in the order I tried to get them in. Hm. Either way, with all except the codium maybe photos, they're from the Gulf of Mexico. The last one is from the keys. Don't mind the hair algae. Tank's only a few months old, so it's still got some uglies going on.

For the codium maybe it started as the maybe 2 where it looked like a pipe cleaner, but as it has lived in my tank it seems to have not grown up, just gotten thicker/the space filled in? Haven't touched that one because I'm afraid I'll break it.

Caulerpa, that IS what that is, right? The blades are only a couple inches long. Also has the one I called red sheet growing behind it. Possibly a clearer picture of that one, to be honest. The two for one seems to have some of the big red long type but in a portion that hasn't taken off yet, whereas the one in front seems to be a bit more like the long balloons and sort of appears more hollow. With the exception of the two for one and maybe codium photos, all of them seem to be sort of fleshy and are definitely willing to swing around in the tank current. Honestly it's why most of the pictures are so sketchy. Sheet is about 3" long, half that wide (and might be the same as the lettucey, just not grown out) which is about 5-7"? The long one is close to a foot now, the maybe codium is about 1", as are the two for ones. Estimates are approximate because I'm not great at it by sight.


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Thank you! I could see that for all of them except possibly the N. annulata. I've got some of that on the same rock, and they're a different shade of green/the neomeris has the white base whereas this never had. Other than that, looks spot on.

I'm assuming that aside from them just growing a bit large (the big mop of G. parvisipora is taking up a huge chunk of tank) it's safe to hack them back occasionally without them crashing, and okay to leave them in the tank without them acting like a valonia or dictoyta right?

I'll bookmark that link for sure.

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Like any Caulerpa, prolifera can get out of hand, with the right conditions. The Grasilaria parvispora can sneak up and overgrow too. I'm pretty doubtful on the Neomeris annulata designation too. They kind of look like a caulerpa species that popped up on my gulf rock. Resembled petticoats.


Anything has to be easier to deal with than the dictoyta I'm pulling out in tiny fronds and hoping doesn't take over my rocks like in my last tank, I think. I'll keep an eye on both, though. Thank you again!