Hello from NW Iowa!


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Hello all! Saltwater newbie here in NW Iowa! I have been keeping discus and angels in my 150 gallon freshwater tanks for about 4 years now so thought I’d give salt a try! I have a 75gallon full of diatom at the moment. I have stocked it with:
5 Royal gramma
2 clown
A yellow watchman goby
A diamond goby
Som snails and hermit crabs
Sand sifting star

I read somewhere not to have glass covers, can anyone tell me why?


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Welcome to Reef Central.
A mesh top solves both issues, fish stay in, gas out.


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Welcome! As @Vinny Kreyling and @Uncle99 pointed out for gas exchange and a mesh top (or egg crate (a little less clean of a look and not practical for rimless tanks, I use egg crate) solve the issue. You’ll still have greater evaporation, but yea, that’s what an auto top off is for