Help buying LED fixture..Which led color layout??


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Hi guys!

I have been reading, and reading but I just keep getting more and more confused!

I have decided to try and give one of the Chinese leds a try. My question is which one, and what color layout? I would like to get a dimmable fixture if possible, but I know some dont offer it in my price range.

I originally was going to order a 120w 14k one with 3w leds from, but then I heard that the par ratings were not that great and that Taotronics had them beat.
So, then i began looking into Taotronics, I can deal with a loud fan, or even replace it myself if it gets too annoying. I also discovered some ebay auctions have some listed that say same as taotronics but they are i said! I was going to order them.
Then....I hear people say colors look washed out and you need different color leds to make colors "pop". So I found a dimmable 120w fixture using 3w leds that has 4 violet, 2 red and 2 green as well as the blue and whites. Is this good? Here is a link Or am I just better off sticking with a standard 30 blue 25 white from taotronic? Any help is appreciated!