Help with Alk please...


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Please help.

I got the Salifer KH/Alk test kit today and followed the instructions setp-by-step. The vial did not change to light purple/pink until the last drop from the 1 ml syringe with the KH solution. Did it twice and same thing. Can someone please help to see if I'm doing it right? I put 5 ml of tank water, then two drops of KH-Ind then a drop at a time until orange-red or pink...

Is there a way to lower Alk so it does not effect all the fish and corals in the tank?



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I goofed, its 4 ml of tank water. Here are the results:

12.8 KH value in dKH
4.57 Alk meq/L


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How should I drop it? Is there a certain additive to lower Alk? I am currently doing weekly water changes, daily top offs and adding calcium every couple days. I just tested Mg and its at 1140 so I may start dosing some also.

Dr. JMadscientist

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You could try dripping kalk for top tends to drive down the alk after a while. Just make sure to follow directions and monitor your ph. Drip in at night if possible.

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I recommend 2.5-4 meq/L, but a bit higher is OK if calcium is OK. I'd just let it drift down a tad. :)
Adding limewater is a fine way to supplement calcium and alkalinity (it is what I use), but I wouldn't do it specifically to drop alkalinity.