Help with fish selection.


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We are looking for a brightly colored active fish for our 90g reef (4ft). Currently we have planned:

1) 2x Clown
2) Watchman/Tiger Pistol
3) Purple Firefish
4) Mandarin (much later down the road)
5) Wrasse, flasher or six line
6) Dispar Anthias (although my wife is worried about the Pistol with these guys)

7) I dont much like the yellow tang, and most of the tangs are out for a four foot tank. We were looking at some of the dwarf angels. My wife likes the flame angel, bicolor angel, and the pygmy angel.

Any ideas on something that is going to be active with some color (reef safe).



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Check out the kole tang, I was thinking about adding one. I am also interested in adding a copperbanded butterfly fish to my 90.

Pygmy angel is more of a risk to your corals than the flame or coral beauty IMO.


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If you are going to have a Mandarin, I would pass on the 6-line -- competition for food.

While all dwarf angels are a risk in a reef tank (( I currently have a total of 6 in reef tanks )) I would NEVER put a bi-color dwarf in a reef tank. They are 1-2 (( with a lemonpeel )) as far as being the least reef safe dwarf -- IME/O.


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I would pass on the 6 line and the mandarin. A 6 line can be a bully (and will compete with a mandarin) and some people never see their mandarins. I would go for a flasher or a yellow coris wrasse, or possibly both


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I have a similar tank. My stocking list is below. Beware the tiger pistol: mine killed my ywg and several firefish types.