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A vendor sent me an order on the wrong day and the fish are waiting at my house in the box. they were sent last night

the are in the right temperature and I can have my wife float the bags but wouldn't trust her to acclimate. this was a big order.

how long before I need to get them acclimated? can I wait until the end of the day or lunchtime to run home or is that risky.

i assume they put oxygen tabs in the bags as this is a larger outfit, and a sponsor of this site.
Have her float the bags, but NOT open them until it's time to acclimate. Lunchtime should be OK. Those fish just spent a day or two in a dark, uncontrolled habitat, so just floating the bags in your tank will be an improvement.

Have your wife turn the lights off as well. You don't want those bags sitting inches from a red-hot bulb.

Take your time acclimating. Big batches can he hectic, don't rush anything but make sure to keep an eye on everything.


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Hard call. Once the bags are opened, there may be a ph change. That will start the clock ticking hard.

I'd go home at lunch and set it up for her to finish...take them to qt.
If she can manage a refractometer, she could set up the qt for you, at approx. the salinity of the sender, which you can call and find out.
That way they could go into qt with very little waiting once you get there. A salinity-to-same-salinity transfer is very fast. Then you can bring up the salinity during qt.


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Do you have an extra tank of large tub? You can dump them into the tub with a powerhead and start a drip into the tub from your main tank, which will slowly acclimate them to their new water. Unless your house is freezing or super warm, there should be no need for heater.


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thanks for all the replies. i had the wife float them and then ran home and acclimated normally. all good suggestions though!

lesson learned. hope they all make it. i acclimated over 2.5 hours, not as much time as I would normally take.