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Welcome to the club! :) See you Sunday afternoon.
Welcom to the club watch out for this guy he will tell you how great your tank looks then post pics of his and by the way his is the nicest tank I have seen so far

tank o tang

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Hows it going? From nejeep right? Still into the jeeps? It's Toyworks 180gal that got me into the big tanks, he still around? I haven't had a jeep in a while but have been looking recently.


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Small world!

Yep I'm still doing the jeep thing, built my jeep up this past year. It's now sitting on 35's and a 6" long arm lift. Still need a cage for it.

Toyworx isn't around any more, I haven't seen or talked to him in quite some time.


Water it's my thing
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LOL, BUT, does he say it like:

Nice tank you have there, now take a look at THIS... (I've had 'friends' like that...)

No he realy means it and he is a great guy just like to bust him any ? ask him he is a welth of help