how much light should a chalice have?


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Ive read low to medium. can someone put that into context?

should I put it in the shade of a rock cave? just on the sand bed, but in full light, mid way on a rock?

chalices in question, rainbow delight, sour apple, and neon meteor shower.

right now I have them in varying levels of intensity(ranging from total shadow to full light), but I really dont have a clue if they should have more or less light.


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Tagging along to see what people say.

I can tell you though that in my limited experiance, Mid light is best. I have a 400w MH on a 30in deep tank, and even half way down I think it was too much light for one of my pieces. The other does fine there and could even go a little higher.

Sorry, but I don't know the "names" of the ones I have.


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yeah, its hard to know if they are happy... I dont know what Im looking for from them. obviously they are little nothing frags right now, so the color is kinda off on them as it is, how to tell if they are doing well? I dont want to find out by them suddenly dieing, or from 6 months down the road having a frag the same size as it is now.


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heres 2 of them, the rainbow and the meteor shower



the rainbow is in full shade, the meteor shower is in full light.

woo those some terrible pics lol.


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certain ones will handle high amount of light, but many prefer to place theirs on the sandbed. when you're moving them around from heavy to low or vice versa, acclimation is key or they will bleach out fast...esp. with some of the newer Australian chalices that's been coming in.

neon meteor shower - is that a cyphastrea or a mycedium? kinda hard to tell from the pic...looking bleached out a bit too, i could be wrong.


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mycedium would be the answer. not sure if its just peeved as a frag, or if its bleached, its looked about this color since I got it, hasnt turned lighter I dont think.


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Some chalice like low light and some a little more.
If they are happy they usually puff up a little instead of being flat on the rock. Also the eyes will open more and the feeders will come out.
If they're really unhappy they will bleach or recede.

I always start new corals on the bottom of the tank to get them acclimated to the lights and then move them up slowly with time.
I'd start them on the bottom and if they do worse in a week then move them up.



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I put them down low, the sand bed is always getting stirred, so if they are litterally ON the sand, they end up with flakes of sand on them, which I figure is bad. so I put them on a small peice of rock, probably 5" tall, roughly 16" under water, with 250w halides and actinic VHOs 12" off the water surface. but it is otherwise in full light, nothing between them and the light, not slanted, just sunning themselves out in the open. is depth enough or should it actually be sheltered somehow?