I got a new pet!


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Hey guys,
Today I picked up a mantis for $10, and have set up a 5 gallon tank with 3-4 inches of new sand, the water is mainly from my 29 gallon tank, and added some sand and small peices of rock from the pet store and my tank. I should not have a cycle right? all i added that wasnt currently in use was the sand, and the water is almost clear now.
the petstore gave him to me in the little critter keeper thing they had him in because no one wanted to open the container to get him out. so he is currently in my 29 gallon waiting for his new home.
I could post pictures, but i only have a logitech quick cam, and resolution sucks soo you cant really tell what he is.
i was just wondering if you bought that from Nolans? We was in there the other day and Ric that works in Nolans was trying to sell it to us. We just didnt want to set up another tank. But it was really cool!:rollface:
To be fair.......
basically i sold him the critter cage... and had to charge something for the livestock...... i would have given them away, but nolan makes me charge for stuff...... so i basically sold him 2 of them for the price of a couple of snails!
im glad you liked them!!!!!!!!