I killed GSP


Crab Free Zone
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They say it’s viturally impossible to kill but I have been successful.
Grown it on the back glass for years, then, 2 months ago it retracted, stayed retracted, shrunk and slowly disintegrated to nothing.
5 year stable environment, Acros, Clams, Digis, Hammers, nems, Duncan’s, tones of ZOA, mushrooms all thrive.
This piece in the back, to the right of the monti cap, GSP just died.
At this point, Iam open to any thoughts.


Who Am I Here?
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Hmm hard saying. I’ve had that happen to mushrooms in my tank. Everything else happy as a clam. Could never figure it out


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Could be old age or a species specific disease. A couple years ago I had GSP in multiple systems that all originated from a colony I got back in the '90s die at about the same time. Reintroducing GSP from a new colony is doing well.