I like the idea of the streams but?


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I like the idea of the streams.

My setup is:

180 gallon reef tank. About 200 pounds of live roock. 4" of sand
Soft and hard corals and a few clams

i have a pump that pushes 4000 gph @11.5'. The pump sits about 12' below the tank. So i think i have about 3000 gph flow in the tank.

If i get the TS24 system is that two much flow? Or should i get the multicontroller with just one 6100 pump

Also i like the idea of two years on the pumps. That says a lot alone

Thanks for the help

It is hard to say, if your tank was a purely SPS reef I think I could recommend it without hesitation. If you can wait sometime, I expect the smaller 6000 to be out very soon, I was told on Tuesday that production was normalizing (we have a worldwide backorder still of 800 pumps from the long Christmas holiday), the manual for the pump was due in from the publisher next week and they could be delivered soon. Given current factory output I expect 5 weeks until supply and demand are on a more even keel. Once my backorders are filled I will request some of the Smaller models and certainly post about the availability. The smaller stream pulses between 800 and 2200gph.