ID help please


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Just seen this coming out of my live rock. Is it a ragworm? also do I need it out or shall I leave it in?


Peter T

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It looks like a harmless bristle worm. Some people will say they are bad but they are very beneficial to your tank as detrivores. They will reproduce and multiply based on the amount of available food in your tank and will help keep your tank cleaner.


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As mentioned, they eat mostly detritus, if you find them getting very populous and out of hand, its probably a sign that you have excess food or some other nutrient in your aquarium. Only time I take them out is when the get wider than my pinky.


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They are harmless and beneficial. There is a worm with a similar appearance that is a pest but rarely found in our aquariums. Can not come up with the name off the top of my head though.