I'm a NOOB, but want to learn. Please Help me out.


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Hello. I'm new to salt water tanks, and i haven't even had a freshwater tank in a few years. Mantis shrimp look like something i would definately be interested in learning more about, I can't beleive how beautiful they can be. My main questions are about the setup i would need, and how to care for a manits shrimp. What kind of a setup would i need just for one mantis shrimp. How hard are saltwater tanks to maintain. Like are there any snails or things like that i can use to help with algae, and what can be done to maintain pH. Also what would i feed a mantis shrimp. Thanks
I think a 20g tank works great. Here's how mine is set-up. 20g tank, Prism protein skimmer, 4" sand bed, 3-4 pieces of rock and 2x55w power compact for lighting. I do weekly 20% water changes and add top off water when needed. I feed my spearer small pieces of cut fish or shrimp. As for the rest of the tank, do some reading on the new to hobby part of this board and you'll find more tips for setting up your tank.