Iwasaki MT250DL bulbs available?


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I'm looking for the MT250DL 10k MH bulb that's been the talk in the "poor man's MH" thread, using the Advance ballast.

I couldn't find them on your website. Are they available and howmuch if so?


The bulbs are still considered 65K, so you'll find them under 65K-250 on our website, it's a new improved bulb, manufacture model number MT250DL-E39/41R that has a much cleaner white appearance then previous.

Duh, I guess the DL is Daylight :^)

Are these the only MV/MH bulbs that will work with the Advance 3802 ballast mentioned the the "Poor man's MH" Thread?

I guess what i'm asking is that if I don't like the bulbs will I have to buy another different ballast in order to buy different bulbs or do yo have some other "compatible" bulbs?

Sorry for the HID for Dummies questions!

Thanks again!

Your advanced ballast should run those bulbs. Technically, they are suppose to run on Mercury Vapor ballasts only, but 99% of the time we sell them with halide ballasts and never had a problem. So you should be in good shape,


The 3802 is a MV ballast which will optimally run the Iwasaki 65K but won't work with other bulbs such as 10K,12K etc. because these are MH bulbs.

I think what Jason was trying to say is the you can run a 65K on a MH ballast but not the other way around. With the MV ballast your stuck with using the Iwasaki.....