Kalk dispenser


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I already have an osmolater on my system for water top-off but, am considering adding a Kalk dispensor to it. My reef is SPS dominated and so use a lot of calcium but, I wanted to know how it would also affect my alkalinity? I currently do not have a calc reactor. They are so damn expensive. Do you think I can kill two birds with one stone by adding the Kalk dispenser to regulate my calc and alk? I am sorry if I am being naive. When I got into this hobby I did not know you had to be a plummer, electrician, and chemist.

I also want to purchase a Y adapter so I can run two 6000's simultaneously with a single controller. Do you have any yet. The last time we spoke you did not. How much?
Regarding Kalk, it is a fairly weak source of calcium and will not be able to supply an SPS tank unless it is quite small with alot of evaporation. The dispenser as we envisioned it would help boost the performance of a reactor by binding free CO2 and raising alk. It would also raise the pH so the reactor could run more. It is suitable with occasional supplementation by other means (liquid or powdered calcium supplements and buffer) for soft coral tanks or algae tanks where the main consumers would be halimeda and coralline.

I have not yet received any branch adapters. It is possible to accomplish what you want to do with this part but I have been out of stock for sometime and have not recieved any. Axel will be here Friday and I will ask him about the delay.