Looking for a mantis?


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I figured you guys would like this. I was at a LFS today and they had a peacock mantis that was about 4 inches long. He was dark green with a beautiful tail. He looked health, I guess. He stared at me with his beatty little eyes. Here is the place:

Underwater Depot
13708 Ventura Blvd,Sherman Oaks,CA 91423
Phone: (818) 789-7323

I think he was $45. It gave me the willies just looking at him after my recent shrimp hunt. I don't know if they would ship but it would be worth a call if you are that interested.
When you buy locally, they hit you up for the shipping from their supplier. Our first peacock mantis was bought here in Seattle for $50. not too bad, when our second came from FFexpress and cost $62 with shipping.

Still, I agree that it'd be too much to pay shipping from a pet store that already charges so much.

there is a wide range of prices charged for peacocks..i've seen some priced to buy at less than $20 (small juveniles), but i have also seen ones priced above $60 (for big specimens).

I've also seen some stores charge preposterous prices for smashers that they had labeled as peacock mantis shrimp, but were actually Gonodactylus.

Jared Cooper said:
$45 is pretty steep for a mantis, I got my peacock for $10 plus shipping.
mantis at lfs 75

mantis at lfs 75

there's an O. Scyllarus at the lfs near me and it's 75!
that's outrageous.