Looking for Hydra 52 for Cyber Monday ... OR SHOULD I...


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Considering picking up a Hydra 52 for cyber Monday but wanted to know if there are any other lights I should consider instead. The dollar amount is not important. Just need it for over a 50g Cadlight cube so 24" across... What would you pick?


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Lots of options here, all depends on your budget. Kessils are decent and pretty cheap comparing to other lights. Hydras are good, Radions are also great. Lots of options...


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I would strongly suggest you add the new GHL Mitras LX7206 to your list of considered lights. I have one here over a frag tank on my system and have never been so impressed with a light. It blows the Radion G4 pro away let alone the Hydras. 9 channels of control without diodes wasted on unneeded colors, super powerful with much better spread and channel mixing than the Radion and priced very competitively. I like it so much that my main display will be getting a big lighting upgrade later this year. The colors of my corals under the Mitras is mind blowing and I am seeing colors that I haven't seen under any other light let alone the Kessils in my main display which happen to grow corals like weeds. I honestly believe the Mitras are the best light on the market right now. You are more than welcome to come out and check out the fixture over one of my tanks.