looking for lights for a 120 gal


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ATI sunpower.......great color and save money on electric bill. Strong par and a proven method to grow corals.


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What are you planning to keep in your new 120g system? Lots of options really depends on what coral you intend to have and what "technology" you want to embrace. I say go LED :)


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Consider LED if you DIY, a while longer for a commerical fixture as they are just now starting to use a greater number of spectrums.

Halides work well for all sorts of coral, and a good setup can be found used for cheap, though you need to be here 3 months to see the used selling forum. Heat can be a problem with halides as they impart more to the water through radiation. The extra electric usage by halides is minimal for me, about 10 bucks a month, but places with stupid rates like California would be 3 times that.


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Yea I checked out the D.I.Y L.E.D. but feel they lack contol and unlike the store bought don't know what percent to run them on