mantis help


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i have had my mantis in a nano tank for about 3 weeks or so and i havnt seen him since i see empty shells and such and i can here him every now and then. but today when i turned on my lights i found him just sitting out in the open he barly flinched at the light i was wacthing him for a few minutes and he started swimming kind of. it was more like he was doing flips. and then stopped for a few minutes. then he went back into he cave and i cant see what is happening. but i think it is becase he is trying to molt but cant . anyone else know what could be going on i have yet to see the mantis molt he is only about a inch or two in lenth
My mantis'(that died for some reason :() Were pretty much just lying on their backs after a few days of acclimization. They enever went back into their caves, they just lyed on their backs and flinched and occasionally did flips around the tank. If that's whats happening it doesnt look good :(