Marron clown cozing up to an engineer goby


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Anyone ever hear of a marron clown cozying up to a giant engineer goby? My male(the smaller one of the pair) Maroon clown has been rubbing up against and hanging with my 16" engineer goby and i was wondering if anyone else ever see this happen? it's baffling me why! Thats an 18" wide tank by the way!


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I have two gobies that size by the way, they are both over 6 years old and 2 of the first fish I bought for my 90 Gallon back in 2005


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Cool fish, my last one got a foot long before I sold him, he hung out with everyone, even a serpent star. One of the best fish for motion, they move so fluidly. Clowns are psychotic by nature so it doesn't surprise me, but it is cool.