Mata Tang


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Tell me about this fish.

I am looking at one that is 3.5" in size.

Would it be ok in a 375 with the following

(I cut and pasted from my site that is why the dates)
Hippo Tang (donated to me by a friend in 2005)
Hippo Tang (purchased 1995)
Yellow Belly Hippo Tang (added March 2008)
3 Green Chromis (1/2001)
1 Green Chromis (May/2007)
5 Green Chromis (added Feb/2008)
Regal Angel (added March/2008)
Orange Shoulder Tang (April/27/2007)
6-line Wrasse (1/2006)
Red Sea Emperor Angel (June/14/2007)
Sailfin Tang (May/2007)
Yellow Tailed Angel (April/19/2008)
Flame Fin Tomini Tang (May/2007)
Coral Beauty (May/2007)
Male and female Orange Anthias (Lyretail) (added Feb/2008)
1 female Blue Eye Lyretail Anthia (April/19/2008)
1 female Blue Eye Lyretail Anthia (April/21/2008)
1 Female Unknown Lyretail Anthia (April/2008)


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Thats a big fish, even for a 375. Not sure how long they take to reach full size though. My guess is your tangs will beat up on him at first but things should settle down.


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I try to avoid fish that will outgrow my tank, as they are hard to remove and I'd get attached to them.



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I agree, just looking for information about them, does not seem to be alot. Many site show a few different pictures and sizes for them.


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I had one that grew a 210. He was friends with my unicorn tang and vlamingii tang - got them all at small sizes...but he was a ba$tard towards ME! Whenever my arm was in the tank, moving a coral, gluing a coral, cleaning the glass etc...he'd bite me! And when I say bite rather than nip, it's because I MEAN bite. I'd bleed and everything. I'm telling ya, he got big fast. What a punk he was. lol


For a frame of reference, that gigas clam was at least 15 inches at THAT time. It's more in the 17" range now.