Measurement Data Lost

Fishie Nut

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If you download the measurement data using the WLAN and there is an error, you've lost the data.

Is there some way you can keep that data and try again before it erases the data? There is a "clear" button that clears the data, so it's still there, but if there is a read error, the data that "has not been read" is listed a zero.

Is there a fix for this, other than using the direct connect? Or if there is an error in communications using the direct connect, you have the same problem. I had an error the other day when uploading new firmware, and I was wired into the controller.


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Don't download measurement data with wlan. It always gets lost -- or almost always. For some reason this particular lan card or antennae is shakey.

I use the wlan for everything - but not for firmware upgrades and measurement data. I plug my laptop in with a usb/serial cable, load the data, and then disconnect and go back to wlan.

Hope this helps.

Matthias Gross

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In firmware 4.00 I will reprogram the transfer algorithms for measurement data - data will be cleared after it is sure that the transmission was successful.


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Great idea, Matthias! A useful safeguard. But given the shakiness of the Lantronix card in terms of file transfers (as opposed to monitoring, etc.), it won't solve the problem of needing to hardwire the connection for measurement downloads.

Frankly, I don't see it as a huge problem. But if eventually the profilux becomes fully remote (e.g. being able to work with it through a web interface for example), then not being able to reliably perform file transfers could become an issue.

LOVE the cell phone idea! But it seems to me the new card will require you to register the profilux with a cellular carrier as if it were a phone, and then buy wireless time on a card. Is there anyway it can be hardwired so those of us with extra phone lines can use a land line connection to call our cell phones?


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As You say you just need a pay as you go sim card, the cost of calls these day its going to be very cheap to run!