My Mantis Hunt Started


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Hi James:

I saw your post after hours of search for what could be causing my aquarium to vanish slow by slow, day by day. I took today this photo of my favorite fish "HawkFish" after two days ago something happened to him, something very strange. One fourth of his body has desappeared, like somebody took a knife and slice it up.

I took this photo to one local aquarium store, and they told me i had a mantis. They actually where very concerned and told me, kill it fast. But i asked how, and they couldnt tell how.

Im Rambo today.! Never seen it, and dont know where to find it.

Ill give ya a list of fish and other ive lost in the past 4 weeks:

Rock Angel
Sweet Lips Ras
Some Long Blue One (appeared dead, only half body missing)
Star Fishes (two), of Three One Survived.
Hermit Crabs (small ones)
My Precius Hawk (almost dead)


Any advise will be great. Havent heard sounds, and havent seen it.

Just placed your trap on my tank, 10 min ago. Light Out.

My Wife and I taking turns to kill the MF.

Attached is the damage it made. You can include this photo in your post after i confirm you its a MANTIS.

Any other advise will be great!>

Thanks, Ill let you know on this.


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Damn. If you catch it I wouldn't necessarily kill it. Some people set up special tanks for mantis. If I ever found one around here I would do it.