My tank with new clams :)


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Added two new clams from Clams Direct. They seem to be happy in this spot so this could be their final stop. They are both beautiful animals. the pictures just don't do them justice.


WOW nice clams. Are they croceas or maximas and how big are they? What are the specs of your setup? I really do like what I see.

I wanted to order some maxima clams last week but they sold. Go figure.
Thanks! One is a crocea and the other is a maxima. The maxima is a real deep purple with light blue flecks (it's really stunning in RL).

I also have a squamosa.

It's a 20 long tank with 2 175 watt MH pendants over it running 20K XM's.

nice clams and u should move to Japan w/ a tank that spotless. keep up the good work:D
Nice clams and tank !
I need to re-aquascape my tank to have alot of free sand bed to put up one clam i'm getting :(

Is that a plate coral next to one of the clam's ?