need advice on lighting


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i am getting a 30 gallon oceanic cube and i dont have a clue on what type of light to get for it. i want to keeps some zoos and green star polyps. i was thinking about some compact flourescents but cant seem to find a whole set up for my tank. the width of the tank is bout twenty inches. if anyone knows where i can find one or a link for it , that would be great. or any other suggestions on different form of lighting


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I had this same tank and had 3 different 20" fixtures. The first being a 96w PC light made by coralife. It worked great. I then stepped up to the 150w sunpod. It was nice but just not for me. I ended up with the current nova extreme pro 6x18watt t5ho I fell in love with it. It looked clean went great over the tank and never had any problems with it. The only drawback to it was he bulb combination sucked you have to use currents bulbs with it. But I liked the color. Hope this helps. You might check over in the nano section there used to be a oceanic cube thread.