new setup island aquarium 36x30x24


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after dreaming for 5 years to upgrade my 33G well time has finally come to do it!
I already past de order of my custom aquarium 36X30X24. I wanted to have a 36x36x24 but .... I have not been able to sell the idea to my girl-friend :)
so now i have to decide the position on the drain, how many holes I have to do.
I was going to make a close loop because i wanted a wave maker effect without power heads but i have been told that it would cost a lot more, that the second pomp would heat the water. what do you think?
I will have a sump of 33G under. i need a noiseless setup because the aquarium is going to be between the kitchen and dining room. i am a little worry about the drain sound. I have been told that with a 2 1/2 drain i will be just fine but i wanted to double check with you and your experience.
this aquarium will be seen from the 4 sides.

so if you have any suggestion I will be pleased to hear them :)


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are you putting the drain/return in the middle of the tank?

closed loop would be fine as well, wouldnt worry about heating water, thats a sizeable tank



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i did not received the aquarium yet,
yes I would probably put the 2 holes in the middle of the aquarium and try to hide the drain/return with my live rocks but i am worry about the drain system.
if i want a noise free should i have 2 drain and 1 return or 1 return will be able to handle without making noise?


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Hello everybody,
I finaly did it. My aquarium is cycling. But i am. Uilding the top and i need your advise. I was planing to pit a Lumen bright the large one. But from the water and the top of my structure i have 13 1/2 inch and i wAnted ru put a 400 watts. So from the ligth to the water i will have 6 1/2 inch.
So am i going to have a heat problem even if i put 2 fans?