off topic I need laptop


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Hey everyone. I am in need of a laptop. I really dont care about alot of features. It just need to have xp. And a serial port. I am trying ebay, but I would just prefer to buy from an individual.
I bought my laptop from CompUSA a while back for like $800 and it had XP with wireless internet and a nice size. I don't know what your budget was but that was one of the lowest prices that I found without getting features that were to slow.
I am looking more for a used one. I dont mind paying for it. I just have to have a serial port and all new ones do not come with them anymore. Thanks for the reply Opiy.
While it's true that new laptops do not include serial ports, you can buy USB serial port adapters that work very well. My shop has sold several in the past. Don't remember the exact price, but I'm sure they are < $30.