OT: Any CPR instructors?


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Hey all. I need to get my BLS recertification, and the place that I have been trying to go through has been jerking me around. They have already canceled two sessions on me that I had been registered for, and as a result my certification is going to lapse.

I even went so far as to start calling around to the local firehouses to see if one of them could hold a hip pocket class for me.

I need some help. Please let me know if you can help, or know of someone who could help me.




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Your local Fire department will provide the class at a nominal fee. Ask the various village Fire depts to shop around for the best price. My wife got certified by the Schaumburg fire dept for $25.00


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Thanks all, I was able to snag a private class from a place in Addison. Just in time too.

Because I was the only one there I was out of there in just over an hour. If anyone else needs the info, just PM me.