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ok so i am about to do my laundry, and i totally forgot haha any one know if blacks are cold or hot? and what kinda cycle they need??? i have like $300 sweaters in there so i dont want to mess them up lol!


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oh and do you use the softner stuff?? or is that just for towels? i am so inept at doing laundry!


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Check the labels.
I would wash in cold water normal cycle and softener that's up to u, I would use it. Black seems to fade the fastest. Wash when needed. My 2 cents but I don't wash anything:)


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Whites = hot + bleach, regular cycle
Dark colors = warm, regular cycle
Bright colors = cold. regular cycle
Sweaters and other delicates, gentle cycle


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for dark clothes use Woolite Dark, it keeps things from fading (don't use it on lighter colors though, it'll turn them gray)


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14208281#post14208281 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Reefugee
What do you do when you have a white sweater with dark and bright colors on it? ;-)
This is beginning laundry (LAU-01).
For the above information you must take the upper lever classes (LAU-201, & LAU-400) where
mixed colors and hard to clean stains are discussed.
In the future, please don't cloud the question at hand with "Advanced Housewife" material.


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well there you go...the things we learn on rc. bet that takes practice though...looked to easy.