Question About Live Rock -


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I am about to add the live rock to my 29 gallon tank.
It is going to be a reef tank, with coral and a couple
reef friendly fish.

How many pounds of live rock should I add?


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Be sure you check out the sticky forums for newcomers at the top of the forum marked with an *. But, to answer your question...1 to 2 lbs per gallon. I think a lot of people shoot for 1.5 lbs per gallon, so for you, maybe 40 lbs or so would be good.


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It depends on how dense the rock is. With "average" rock, you're probably want around 40 pounds.


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Nirvanafan right j-girl. It depends on how good the rock is . light rock is best . heavy is worst. were you get your rock from makes all the deference in the world.


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light rock has more holes naturaul caves more porus florida rock is very heavy and sits there like a hunk of mass and also alot of unwanted guest comes out of it tong aor figi dr fosters has good prices on rock its your natural filter so dont go with a heavy lump of rock


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I have a 30 gal tank (water volume 25 gal) and have 30 lbs of Bali rock, If I add any more I won't be able to see anything BUT rock.

I am new to the hobby but, as I understand it Bali rock is very light and porous as compared to others.


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I love the fiji rock. It's real easy to get and always full of critters.

When I got into this hobby I had no idea how much time I would spend thinking about rocks :lol: