Red Film and 1 fish not eating


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Hi Everyone,

This is a 3 part posting since I am currently experiencing 3 problems. To begin, I have a 34 gallon red sea max with about 60 pounds of live rock. The tanks about 2 months old. From the beginning I've had a fire goby, coral beauty, mandarin fish, and cleaner shrimp. I tested my water 3 days ago and the water was great. So here's the issues:

1) For about a week I have noticed a redish brown film that has been on the surface of the water. I pointed my pumps toward the water surface to agitate the water but this did not help much. I also confirmed that the protein skimmers was still working. What is this film? How do I remove it? Water tested fine even though the film was there.

2) I added two clownfish (wild) to the tank on Sunday (3 days ago). (1) 2 inch large clownfish with vibrant colors (he looked nice and hardy and strong too) and (1) 1 inch clown fish who happens to be the real Nemo since he only has 1 fin. I fed them last night and the large clown fish ate well and swam around the tank as usual. He didn't display any signs of sickness. However, when I got home from work today he was dead and laying on the floor being eaten by my hermitt crabs. What do you think caused this? Could it have something to do with the red film?

3) The last problem is that the small 1 fin Clown fish does not seem to be eating. I am feeding all my fish (since they are all on the small side) frozen brine shrip with spirulina. He seems to be a little excited when the food hits the water but then just seems to not see the food or something. None of the fish are stealing the food in front of him. Ocassionally he'll eat a small piece of brine and then just spit it out. Am I feeding him the right food? Why isn't he eating? What can I do to get him to eat?

Sorry to make this post so long. Thanks for your help!