Reef Plants.. grow'in.. what are theY?


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I've got one red.. one.. check this out.. it came attached to a small piece of rock.. the mh lighting in my tank seems to have made it double in size....over the past month

Any idea what it's called? Is it safe? Should I be feeding it something...



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I can't make out the red one, but the green one ia a type of caulerpa....maybe razor...maybe not. If you can get pics a little more in focus, we might be able to identify them for you.


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FWIW, I have both as well.The green one looks like Caulerpa serulata(razor).Not one herbivorous fish eats it unfortunately.If you let it grow real large it might become a nusance in a long run .It grows by spreading rizome type shoots and cling to rocks like mad. Here is a pic of mine to compare.


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Hi James,

I think the folks in this forum may be better able to answer your queries about the algae.



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That's it.. the green one..

I had a feeling nobody would eat it.. I can see it grows very fast.

I guess my camera sucks


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Likely you were too close for your camera to focus. Try doing some test pictures at varying distances to see where your camer focuses best for close up type shots like that.