Sand too large?


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Hey guys,

I just added some more sand in my tank, since I lost some in my move. Unfortuntely, I added some that wasn't nearly as fine a grain as the stuff I had in there before. I believe the grain on the new sand is between 3 and 5 mm. My question is if this is too large and might scrape up cuttlefish skin? If so, what do I do about it besides scoop all 40 pounds of it out or add more sand? Is it bad to have several different grain sizes of sand in a tank?

Let me know,

Hi Mike

I had a mix of probably about 30% coral sand to 60% normal sand and 10% gravel.... it looked quite good and never scratched the cuttles at all..... BUT i only had pure silver sand in when they were babies as they were nearly always burried up their eyes!