Sea grass




it's tough to grow. needs thick muddy soil and good lighting, but is hard to uproot once it's in good.

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Generally, a nice organic rich well aged DSB does best. Some people have had good luck using fertilizer tablets in newer sand beds. Growth is best under brigth lighting such as MH, though other types of reef lighting will work also. Many people also find iron supplements help in thier growth.


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Be very carfull when first planting sea grass in the aquarium. Never push them into the sand, rather, dig a small hole in the sand and place the roots into the hole. You may need to prune the grass of dead or dying leaves to prevent it from decomposing and fowling the water. At first, the leaves of the grass dyed off, but withing a few weeks, new growth was evident. I would think that this was a normal occurance. Im sure that the plant did not want to waste energy on trying to save the existing leaves, but rather just grow new ones.