Selling my Planted tank


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Hello club members its been a long time since I have been on this board, glad to see some familiar faces.

I am finally breaking down and selling my planted tank which is my last aquarium, but not forever, graduation is only 2 years away and then I will treat myself to a nice reef tank set up. Anyway I figured I'd post this in case there was any interest.

I'm asking $400 for pretty much everything I have that is related to an aquarium. send me a text if you are interested or want to see pictures.


100G aquarium with stand
2x fluval 405 canister filters
old aqua controller with ~16 of the programmable outlets
My DIY Rapid LED light kit I used to use on my reef tank
20Lb CO2 tank with regulator
2x WP20 power heads
larger sediment, carbon filter (needs new filters)
RO and DI filter with 30 gallon storage (needs new filters)
fish BN plecos, cory cats, lone rainbow, few zebra danios
plants mostly Anubis
rocks and decor
many more accessories including but not limited to hang on back filter, extra heaters, power heads, kalk reactor, phosban, submersible pumps


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Dude, it's been like forever! Last tank? Sorry to hear that.

Would you be interested in parting it out? I'm under strict orders not to get more tanks but there is no restrictions on plants. I'd be interested in plants, fish and rocks/wood.

Good luck with the sale and finishing school!